316 W 138 ST - Duplex

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Upper East Side 
Contract Awarded 
Two Family Dwelling – Brick
1,652 SF
Home Owner
J&N Remache Corp.

Undertaking a comprehensive renovation for this existing duplex, located just three blocks away from Columbia University, was an obvious choice. The initial step involved enhancing the current layout of the unit.

The upper level’s dysfunctional layout prevented the inclusion of a fully functional bathroom, and the kitchen required the installation of new appliances and fixtures. The duplex was no longer utilized as such due to a structural stability issue with the stairwell.

JNR presented the client with a variety of duplex layout options. The chosen plan involved reconfiguring the stairs within the existing stairwell. This transformation allowed for the complete separation of tenant accessory space from the mechanical room and the optimization of the upper-level floor area. All plumbing piping was repositioned and raised to facilitate the installation of a new ceiling. In the basement, the walls were cleaned, and an additional layer of drywall was added to create a smooth surface and enhance thermal insulation. The damaged concrete floor was repaired, and new tile flooring was installed.

On the upper level, the flooring, ceiling, lighting, and drywall were all removed. The kitchen appliances, millwork, and fixtures were replaced in accordance with the new, modern kitchen design. The reconfiguration of the bathroom layout led to the creation of a much-needed walk-in closet for this duplex. The existing fireplace was restored, and the brick/stone wall alongside the stairwell was exposed. This allowed us to showcase the house’s original structure, and once it was cleaned and sealed, the wall became a decorative feature that told the house’s history through its exposed materials.

With the incorporation of these exposed materials and a complete set of new finishes, this duplex was transformed into an exquisite and visually captivating living space.