505 8th Ave (24TH FL)

Project type: 
Occupancy Group:
Sq Ft:


New York City (Midtown) 
Contract Awarded 
150 SF
Ettinger Engineering Associates

Experience the transformative upgrade of Ettinger Engineering Associates’ headquarters bathrooms through our commercial interior gut renovation services.


Renovation Features:

  • Modern Tiles: Bid farewell to outdated tiles and welcome the allure of sleek, contemporary designs that exude luxury.
  • Statement Vanity: Introducing a chic vanity that not only steals the spotlight but also offers practical storage solutions, seamlessly merging style with functionality.
  • Smart Storage: Elevate your bathroom organization with intelligent storage solutions, maximizing space and ensuring a harmonious and efficient environment.
  • Enhanced Lighting: Our revamped lighting system puts the finishing touch on the entire renovation, expertly weaving together all elements for a truly refined and illuminated space.

** Bathroom interior metal partition walls to be installed by others.