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Brooklyn, NYC 
Contract Awarded 
Multi-Family Building
60 SF
Co-Op Owner

Our team was commissioned to carry out an extensive renovation of the primary bathroom in a pre-existing three-bedroom apartment. The objectives were to increase storage space and update the plumbing fixtures, piping, and overall aesthetics.

The initial step involved establishing a comprehensive dust barrier in the workspace to prevent and minimize contamination from dust and debris. This was particularly crucial as a family with three children continued to reside in the apartment throughout the renovation.

During the demolition phase, the client was informed that their condo lacked shut-off valves for the primary bathroom. As a result, we needed to coordinate with the building management to temporarily shut off the water supply. This allowed our team to install a new shut-off valve for the bathroom, facilitating the plumbing work.

This newly renovated bathroom features an exquisite mosaic design and considers three key tile attributes: sizes, colors, and shape. Our skilled team ensured that the installation of wall and floor tiles met the highest quality standards while adhering to NYC codes and Building Management Standards. Our precise tile alignment and expert cuts are why J&N Remache Corp. is consistently in high demand.

Additionally, our design team collaborated with the client to provide innovative storage solutions without compromising floor space. This led to the replacement of the existing door with a narrower one, creating the opportunity to install a tall cabinet that seamlessly integrates with the partition wall.